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It’s not always necessary to take it to court

Mediation has become one of the more favorable ways to resolve a dispute, commonly referred to as an alternative dispute resolution. Mediation sometimes is the best route when dealing with sensitive issues where neither party wants to get the courts involved.


    - Family law

    - Civil litigation


The team at Nick L. Nielson, Attorney at Law has the experience to handle your mediation as a neutral third party. We will have the knowledge and ability to direct these talks in a positive way so all parties involved can walk away in confidence that equal rights were given.


This process is private, confidential and completely voluntary. It may be something to consider when taking in cost, emotional toll, and care for the other participant. For mediation services or questions, contact us today.

The team at Nick L. Nielson, Attorney at Law is neutral in this process. We have no investment in one participant over the other. It is our duty to be fair to all.

Fair is fair

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We want the very best outcome for all participants involved. Trust us with your mediation services.

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